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We're a Passionate Team of Business Consultants

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, an ancient Indian phrase meaning “the world is one family”, pithily captures the spirit of our approach to all aspects of life. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are, thus, part and parcel of our PURPOSE. With India’s young demography, our youth needs to be engaged in early education and action to create and sustain a long-term momentum that can help the country see their targets through and drive SDGs action. Our vision is to create an active community of changemakers committed to accelerating positive change and innovation to achieve the SDGs, supported by cross-sector collaborations.

We maximize demographic dividend!

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Annual Report 2016-17

Goldman Sachs 10,000 WOMEN With IIM, Bangalore

NITI AYOG & UN supported
Women Transforming India Awards, 2019


“Skills Challenge: Australia and India’s Skills Training Needs”.

Authored by our past CEO, Mr. Prasenjit Kundu.

Published July’2013; Australia India Institute; University of Melbourne.

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